Online Proctored Exams

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Online Proctored Exams

Online Proctored Exams

Take your exam remotely in a location of your choice. It is strongly recommended that you review all the required system and environment criteria BEFORE you register for an online proctored exam.  If you fail to meet the online proctored criteria then you may forfeit your exam fee.   


All Snowflake’s SnowPro Certification exams can be booked on Webassessor. With online proctoring, you will be able to choose the date and time that works for your schedule in the location of your choice. 


Preparing for your Online Proctored exam

  1. Verify all technical requirements
  2. Perform a system check 
  3. Install Sentinel from your Webassessor portal
  4. Setup your biometric profile
  5. Online Proctoring PreCheck
  6. Launch your exam


Biometric authentication 

Upon launching your exam, Sentinel will verify your biometrics. You will need to position yourself in your camera until your biometrics are verified. If a red box is prompted, you will need to adjust yourself (or your camera) until a green box appears, which will allow you to continue. 


Testing Environment 

If you do not have a proper environment during the session, your testing session may be paused or even suspended by a proctor.  


Confirm your environment meets the below requirements:

  • Position your camera correctly (you must be in the center of the frame)
  • Enable your audio
  • Take the exam in a well-lit room, that is quiet 
  • Have no other individuals in the room where you testing
  • Do not talk to yourself, or others, or read the exam out loud
  • Do not have any test aides on your workstation (including pen, notepads, devices) 
  • Remove any jewelry, watches, and hats before you launch your exam
  • Do not leave the test workstation/room
  • Do not have other monitors, technical equipment or devices on or around your testing desk


 Please note, if you wear glasses, your session may be interrupted by a proctor to inspect your glasses.



When your exam is launched through the online proctored system, you will be prompted to enter a “Pre-check” status where you will be automatically escalated to an available technician.  The proctor will verify the testing environment by requesting you show your ID and verifying your testing environment meets the requirements.  During pre-check, the candidate’s exam has been paused while they are waiting to complete the pre-check. 

(Note:  Depending on testing volume you may wait several minutes in the pre-check status while the next available technician is routed to your session.)

        ID Verification 

The proctor will request that you hold your government issued ID up to the camera until your identity can be verified.  

  • If your camera is too blurry, and prevents the proctor from verifying your ID, you will be requested to adjust the camera, use another camera, or reschedule the exam with the technician’s assistance.
  • In the event your ID does not match your Webassessor account information, you will not be allowed to continue in the exam process.  Your exam will be cancelled and your fee will be forfeited.


      Test Environment Check 

The proctor will request that you use your webcam or laptop camera to slowly pan all the walls, work area, ceiling, floor, and area you are facing.  You will be instructed to slowly rotate your webcam and pause for 5 seconds at each point. You may stand up to complete this step if it is easier to complete the environment scan. 

The proctor will address any environment issues in your testing area and will not start your exam until the issue is corrected.


  • If you are unable to properly show the required areas, the proctor will direct you to contact Snowflake for further assistance and may result in your exam being cancelled and fee forfeited.



Online Proctoring Support 

For all issues that occur during the exam, contact Kryterion Support.

Reschedules and Cancellations 

You may reschedule your exam by logging into your Webassessor portal. Select the ‘My Assessments’ tab and click the reschedule button next to your scheduled exam. 


Rescheduling your exam more than 72 hours before your scheduled exam is free of cost. An additional fee or forfeiture of your exam fee may occur if rescheduling occurs within 72 hours of the scheduled online proctored exam. 

Have more questions? Check out our SnowPro FAQs.