SnowPro Certification Program Details

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SnowPro Certification Program Details


Snowflake is continuously updated so you will need to keep your certification status up-to-date. All Snowflake exams expire after 2 years.  To stay current you can do one of the below activities. 

SnowPro Core Certification Recertification Options 

  1. Sign up for the abbreviated SnowPro Core Recertification Exam and achieve a passing score
    • Extends SnowPro Core Certification status for an additional 2 years 
    • Check out the SnowPro Core Recertification exam here. 
  2. Sign up for  a SnowPro Advanced Certification exam and pass, your SnowPro Core Certification status will roll up with your latest SnowPro Advanced Certification’s expiration date 
    • SnowPro Advanced Certification expiration dates do not roll up, each Role Based Certification expires two years after date passed

SnowPro Advanced Certification Recertification Options

  • Each SnowPro Advanced Role Based Certification will have their own Recertification exams. Stay tuned for announcements!  



At the completion of the exam, candidates receive an emailed score report that contains important information regarding the outcome of the exam.  

If you achieve a pass result

Your transcript in Webassessor will record the exam as pass. You will also receive an email from Webassessor that contains your score. Within 72 hours of passing your exam, you will receive an email from Credly. Make sure to accept your digital badge and set up your verifiable certification. 

Note: If you do not see any email from Credly within 72 hours of passing your exam, please email support

If you do not achieve a passing result 

Your transcript in Webassessor will record as fail. You will also receive an email from Webassessor that contains your score. Don't give up and take a look at the training resources and exam guides we have available here 

Exam Retake Policy

If you were not able to pass the exam, don’t give up! You are allowed to retake the exam 7 days after your attempt. During that period, we highly recommend you review your Snowflake Topic Breakdown, the program exam guide, and brush up in areas you felt less confident about.


If you take a beta exam

Your transcript in Webassessor will record as unscored. 6-8 weeks after the beta exam is closed you will receive a pass or fail result. 


Scaled Scoring 

Snowflake wants to make sure you are evaluated fairly when you take our exams. One way that we do that is through the use of statistical analysis to set the passing scores. Snowflake uses scaled scoring models to ensure consistency across multiple exam forms, item difficulty levels, and versions. Snowflake uses a scale of 0-1000 with a passing scaled score of 750.   

Snowflake does not publish our exam passing scores or pass rates because exam questions are updated to reflect changes in test forms and in test content. Snowflake certification exams use a compensatory scoring model, which means that you do not need to “pass” the individual domains, you must achieve the overall passing score of the entire exam. Each domain has a specific percentage weighting, so some sections will have more questions than others.  The section level table on your score report contains general information and candidates should exercise caution when interpreting score report feedback. 


Have more questions? Check out our SnowPro FAQs.